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  • GP suspension parts develope compound of natural and synthetic rubbers that suite each application precisely. We study your requirement in details and work out the best solution possible.
  • A leading OEM engine manufacturer in Japan, producing full range of engine bearings for all Japanese vehicles. NDC engine bearings distribute the finest quality bearings which distributes thick wall bearings, thrust washer, piston pin bushing, camshaft bushing and balancer bushing.
  • NOK is Japan’s first oil seal manufacturer. Oil seal products are used for automobile engines and geared motors, and are designed to prevent oil. NOK seals are stable and high quality products based on its unique principle of sealing.
  • RBI produces and supplies comprehensive range for automotive rubber parts, rubber to metal bonded parts for various applications including passenger cars, pick up and light trucks.
  • Manufactured by the top power transmission belt manufacturer in Japan.  These automotive belts are for extensive range for Japanese and Korean applications that are compatible to O.E tooth profiles for optimum engine performance.
  • Teikin engine components are manufactured under the highest precision standard and strict quality system. As such, Teikin engine components must be handled with the utmost of care during installation.
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